Refunds & Returns

At Arthur Mallon’s, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest-quality, naturally reared products directly from our shop’s to your door.

To meet this goal, we work with our farmers to source the finest quality products you can buy – each one hand-selected, tasted and tested by thoroughly before it hits the shelves.

If you are not happy with your order, simply contact us and we will go to extraordinary measures to make things right. If you are not satisfied with your goods, we will arrange for a pickup at a time and date that’s convenient for you and issue a full refund, promptly and courteously.

What are you required to do?

Please describe the issues you have had with your order with as many details as possible including photos.

What circumstances do we offer returns and refunds under?

We will refund with a store voucher when 100% satisfaction is not met by our products or service.

What timeframe do we accept returns in?

With meat we offer a 24 hour return policy arrangement with our customers.

When can you expect a refund?

At the shop this can be done straight away with a store voucher or a like for like replacement or the product, online we give 7 working days to investigate and process any refund or replacement.

What is the timeline of return and refunds?

We aim to process requests as quickly as possible and value our customers satisfaction with all our products and deliveries we aim to stick to the timelines of return and refunds as detailed above.

If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, you’re welcome to contact us and we will be happy to make sure your concerns are addressed and your experience is a good one.

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